Baby Lips

Don’t be basic; get Maybelline’s No More Basic lip balm.

Sunday I went on a bit of a makeup mall haul and as my hubby was browsing the protein shake section I decided to check out the makeups with my little 5 month old. Winter has officially arrived, which means it’s time to lip up ladies! I remember watching Superficial Girls review Baby Lips on her vlog and I decided to try it. Maybelline and Rimmel are my all-time favourite brands and I was pleasantly surprized to see that the Baby Lips were but a mere R23! I kid you not TWENTY-THREE RAND! It was hard not to purchase them all but now that I’ve tried it I’ll be heading back to dis-chem to collect the rest. I ended up buying Pink Punch and OH MY did it punch my lips back to health (even my hubby said my lips look and feel great). I felt a drastic improvement in the 8hours I was asleep. I woke up with soft, supple lips and I’ve been flaunting my Baby Lips all day erryday!

2 days later I am amazed at the results. As an avid lip biter, my lips tend to have little tears in them due to me chewing the hell out of these puckers but Baby Lips really nursed them back to health super-fast and I haven’t even had the urge to bite my lips. Who knows, I might have just found my lip-biting cure… either way, they are looking So Haute Right Now!


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