Fridays We Wear Faux

We all know how chilly the winter nights get here in cape town, the days and the mornings too so faux up ladies, this season is all about that fluffy furry coat and pleather skirt or pant. One cannot have enough sets of opaque stockings so get down to your nearest store and stock up!

Another trend I’m enjoying is the check-shirt, check-skirt, check-pant or jacket trend. No longer meant only for those hunky lumberjacks we daydream of, it’s meant to be worn with that gorgeous silhouette of yours.

My favourite thing about winter is that all different shapes of women get to enjoy the trends on display. I had a baby a few months back so I’m still getting back to the size I was before I grew and birthed a tiny human. Coats, boots, thermal clothing, you name it. I’ll be posting about what my winter staples are and where to get them.

Check these awesome pleather skirts from Mr Price

Till next time, and remember, you’re So Haute Right Now!


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