Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Two weeks ago I bought Mila (my daughter) an outfit online at BabyScoop. They’re an online store with 8 different categories which means you’ll be spending quite some time browsing the shop.

I’ve been so chuffed with the purchase but even more so, with the service, ever since I received my package. I’ll be a returning customer for sure. I had the order delivered to my office a mere 2 days after purchasing it and they made it possible for me to do an EFT since my credit card was on the fritz. I love the personal approach and near immediate response Jess (Jessica Jones Owner & Chief Baby Cheek Squeezer) gave. She was helpful and accommodating, and that it really spoke to how this company serves their clientele.

I bought this 100% Cotton Voile Bubble Crawler with Matching Reversible Shoes from them and as mentioned before, I LOVED IT! Not only was both products 100% Cotton but their are Tic-Tac-Toe as well and came at what I would like to believe, a bargain. I would pay R220-R240 for the dress alone in a boutique and anywhere from R110-R130 for the shoes but got both items for R260! Oh did i mention, there was no delivery cost involved? Yes you heard me, FREE and even better, all over South Africa. Go to BabyScoop now and purchase something for your little one.


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