Sex and the City turns 16

Happy Sweet 16

It’s been 16 years since the premier of Sex and The City, 06 June 1998.

My love affair with Sex and the City has lasted 16 years and today I celebrate the inner ultimate-woman with a homage to Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and of course Carrie.

Men, unless gay, will never understand the lessons this show have taught women all over the world. Let’s break it down…

Miranda is the cynical powerhouse who showed us that we can rule the industries we’re in and have the life we deserve while juggling being a wife and mom.

Charlotte teaches us that you can be a lady and a freak (without the world knowing it) and look fabulous in vintage couture at any phase of our lives as well as being able to appeal to the hopeless romantic in all of us.

Samantha shows us all the different ways we can incorporate the word fuck into our language. Admit it, we all have “that” friend who raises all kinds of fuckery when they’re around.

Carrie, my dear Carrie… She shows us that second chances do exist. Men sometimes do change. Women are stronger than we think and all a girl really needs is a really big closet.

Rumours fly that Sex and the City might have a final installment for us fans but it’s yet to be confirmed. If it’s true the I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to see it! Can you say, GIRLS NIGHT OUT?!

Photos sourced from Screen Crush


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