Manicure Monday – Ombre Nails

Happy Manicure-Monday Everybody!

I thought I’d try something different and have a go at an ombre effect.

A successful, long lasting manicure is dependent on good products so I chose to go with Tip-Top Nail Chic.

Of course my first step was to apply the Nail Booster Base by Tip-Top. It’s done wonders for my nails in such a short time. A definite MUST have in any manicure kit.

Second on the list is another Tip-Top favourite of mine, Perfect Look. I love using this to achieve the perfect French-Tip. You will need to apply two coats of this colour. It really makes your ombre “pop”.

As you can see Meringue Surprise and Flashback are the colours I chose to pull off my Pink Ombre Mani. I bought mine at the nearest Clicks for a low R39 each.


I’m a mom of a 6month old and I just love that Tip-Top NailChic is Toxin free. Sometimes you need to act fast and remove something from our kids’ mouths and the last thing we need to worry about is toxins in our nail polish. So thank you Tip-Top for checking that concern off of my list!

Next step is to apply a thick stroke of the Flashback and Meringue Surprise onto the sponge. Keep your cutex unscrewed so that you can keep applying layers to the sponge as you do the other nails.

Next I pat my nails from the base to the tip in a side-to-side motion i’m happy with the coverage. The awesome thing about this application is that it dries really fast.

Don’t forget to use an ear-bud and nail polish remover to clean up around the nail.
Apply your top coat and enjoy the result.


Not too shabby for a first attempt.


4 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – Ombre Nails

    1. The problem with my nails are that it’s really thin, so it’s prone to tearing and chipping. Since using the Tip-Top Nail Booster, they feel stronger and it’s been two weeks now and they are long and strong! As far as i know, a nail booster primes and seals your nails to extend the wear of your nail polish. I can feel the difference after using Tip-Top Nail Chic Nail Booster. It gives my nails a great shine and that carries through to my manicure. I walk around days after with a fresh, glossy look to my nails.

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