Saving your Mani

We all know the joy of a perfect mani and the heartbreak of it being ruined when we wake up the next morning. Sometimes I look at my nails and wonder, “What the hell were you doing last night”. Finger print impressions, chips, smudges, you name it, it’s all happened to me before. I used to panic but now I SAVE!

img_20140606_175143 img_20140606_174831

Last week I painted my nails this lovely Dirty Mint colour from Rubi that I got in my goodie-bag from the Bloggers Brunch hosted by Grey Garnet two weeks back. Don’t you just love applying a colour to your nails that matches what it looks like in the bottle? I know I do! Anyhoo, the next morning I woke up with fingerprints on the nail of my right hand thumb and my left hand middle finger. Thinking quickly how to fix this because I was certainly not going to repaint them at 5:30am or remove it all either. I sat on the edge of my bed looking at our counter in the room and saw a bottle of 67 Make It Golden Nail Polish from Essence and got the idea to paint the middle fingers and thumbs on each hand. Not only did i manage to add a great effect to plain old painted nails but I saved my mani too! Hashtag, Double-Win!

img_20140606_174701 img_20140606_174945

I sealed the deal with my trusty Rimmel top coat and went on my merry way.

Tip: Buy a glitter nail polish and keep it in your bag, you never know when you need to save a nail!


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