I jumped onto the Rubybox bandwagon late in the game as there were mixed reviews in the air, but I decided that after meeting Margaux and hearing where she started, where she is and where the brand is headed to next, that I simply could not listen to rumours and rely on what others have reviewed to make up my mind regarding the Rubybox service and products.

I’m now subscribed to Rubybox and even though I’ve shopped the store I’ve not been able to commit to a reoccurring order till the R0.99 box came along. What better way to give users like myself that extra nudge to sign up for a monthly box and I must say, if August is anything like July I’ll be signing my mom up too!

So this is what I received inside my box…

IMG_20140723_214846IMG_20140723_214917 IMG_20140723_214939 IMG_20140723_215001 IMG_20140723_215105 IMG_20140723_215222 IMG_20140723_215316 IMG_20140723_215410

The egg white is incredible! In winter my dry skin acts up and nothing short of plastering my face every 20minutes with cream will cure it except the combination of using the Bye Bye Makeup Sponges in conjunction with the Lanolin egg white facial soap. It’s the BEST THING EVER! No irritation from the soap and the sponge is made from such great quality that 2 sponges is going to last you a very long time.

The lipstick is so so yummy! I have been wanting to do dark red lips but too scared to actually take the plunge. Not to fear, Rubybox is here and they gave me that little push to rock it out! I tried it on in the car after the collection from the pop-up store in Cavendish and my hubby loved it and of course, when someone you love loves something about you it makes you love that thing even more and needless to say, I’ve been wearing red from day to night.

The nail polish is a superb colour. If you’re too afraid to go full on with this I suggest you try and accent nail.

The products were way more than the R0.99 I paid for them so I suggest that you go to the store and sign up, it’s well worth it.


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