Mila’s Moment

My gorgeous daughter was a complete natural in front of the camera. Teething is a bit of a mission for the little ones to endure but Mila was content chewing on her beads and fingers throughout the shoot.

img-white-1 img-white-2

First and foremost I have to gush about how perfectly organised the shoot was, so a HUGE thanks goes out to Baby BomBoms for everything they did.
Secondly, I’m extremely impressed with the patience, energy and understanding Melanie, her husband (who Mila was completely infatuated by) and the photographer brought to the shoot.

img-black-1 img-black-2

Mila (our tiny human), has a tendency of entertaining herself, so when we tried to get laughing reactions out of her, she’d just stare at us as to say “what’s wrong with you” but eventually she got the picture and gave such amazing poses with eyes focused on the camera and mouth wide open.

img-purple-2 img-purple-3

She had 4 wardrobe changes (I know right, talk about fancy-shmancy) and she rocked each and every one. Of course I’d say that she was perfect, she’s my daughter LOL! Check the images shot by Lise-Marié Photography and dare to disagree.

img-pink-1 img-pink-2

This is just the beginning for her, she’s comfortable in front-of the camera and with others not to forget that didn’t moan or groan one bit during the shoot. To be honest, there’s very little that upsets her or causes her to tear up. I think goes without saying that I’m extremely proud of my little 7 month old.

img-pink-3 img-pink-5
*Cheers* To Great Things!

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