Marie Claire Trunk Show

Last week Thursday, I grabbed a few girlfriends and attended the Marie Claire Trunk Show. Not knowing what to expect, I was both nervous and excited to see what Marie Claire and J.C. Le Roux had in store.

Upon arrival (if you were one of the first 500), you were given a glass of delicious J.C. Le Roux before making your way up the staircase and onto the event. Each room was set up with designers and you walked from one to the next, it was like a different pop-up shops in each room.

I quite like the way it was laid out and the element of surprise it brought about.

IMG_8772 IMG_8776 IMG_8780 IMG_8791 IMG_8818 IMG_8827 IMG_8832 IMG_8840 IMG_8850 IMG_8853

Aint no party without Nifty 250! Talya Goldberg of Shades of Gold was manning,well womanning the Nifty station and after catching up with this beautiful business woman she offered to snap a few photos of me and my friends at the event (who am I to turn down such a great offer).

IMG_8860 IMG_8766

The highlight of the evening had to be the amazing performance Jimmy Nevis gave. Mr Nevis left me with a memory I’m unable to forget and a performance few will live up to. The way he communicated with his fans, engaged in the audience and dealt with the tons of photo-ops really impressed me. He was really great during his performance, not only was he pitch perfect but he also turned to me every now-and-then, ensuring that I got a few great shots of him.

IMG_8900 IMG_8905 IMG_8882  IMG_8891 IMG_8896

I even managed to get my photo taken with Jimmy!


Just as I thought all excitement for the night was over, I ran into Angel La Vie and her companion on  my way out. How gorgeous is she?


Thank you J.C. Le Roux and Marie Claire for an awesome Trunk Show and Jimmy for the best live performance of 2014!

(Photos by Painting In Pink)


6 thoughts on “Marie Claire Trunk Show

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I enjoyed this recap of the Trunk Show – it reminded me of being at the Joburg edition last year. Marie Claire knows how to throw a party, right?

    I just want to know where those cute gingerbread, banana and cupcake earrings are from? I would’ve taken a pair home with me if I had seen them – they’re adorable!

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