Things Barries Wears

I’m so proud to have taken photos of my friend yesterday. He decided that he was going to change his look up this season and go for something fun and colourful. His wardrobe is typical of a developers i guess, shades of black and grey and now and then we’ll surprise with a pop in the colour sand.


Looking my the photos you can imagine our reaction at the office as we praised him for his styling efforts. Everyone he passed in the hallways, kitchen or balcony gave him awesome compliments and encouraged him to continue on this brand new path and colour discovery.


I love the way he styled it, arm candy for days yo! Comfy yet stylish sneaks and he did something few know how to do… he dressed for his body type.

Feel free to follow him on instagram @thingsbarrieswears and watch him bloom on his new found fashion journey!

What Barries Wore
Accessories by Markham / T-shirt and Pants by Mr Price / Sneakers by All Star Converse


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