9 months in – 9 months out

Today I celebrate the 9 month mark of my daughter, Mila Thandi.


Nothing and no one could have prepared me for the roller-coaster journey that comes with being a mom.


There is so much that I want to say and feel I need to share with mothers about my experience with having a colic baby but now is not the time, so instead, I’ll be sharing Mila’s Milestones with you and feel free to comment below with the wonderful things your own kids have done “before their time”.

Mila’s Milestones
January – Mila was able to lift her head from day one, stability was another conversation all together but hey, she could elevate her noggin and that’s pretty awesome.

February – Mila discovered that she had amazing strength in her legs and was able to pull herself up on your lap with a little bit of help.

March – We took our first swim in my folks heated pool and she LOVED IT!

April – I went back to work and felt that I was missing out on so much! Nothing too great happened her except that she liked sucking her thumb and started sucking her toes.

June – Hey Hey, I can sit up! Even better, I can crawl too!

July – Mila talks and teeth start to appear! First word was “Da-ddi”

August – More words! She calls me by name, not “Mommy” or “Mamma” or anything along those lines, it’s Tanny (unable to say double “m” so she can’t say Tammy)

September -Mila is adventurous. Pulling herself up against objects in efforts to stand up straight. When we’re not looking, she lets go and tries as hard as she can to stand on her own. It lasts a few seconds before she descends to the carpet.

IMG_9131 IMG_9130

Mila Wears
Skirt – Mr Price / T-Shirt – Ackermans / Jersey – Hand-knitted by Aunty Maureen / Stockings – Edgars / Headband – Baby BomBom’s (worn but not photographed)


Thanks for 9 months of joy my angel-pie, you really light up my life!


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