20 Things

The ever so flawless Farzaanah Richards aka Xana, Jade Robertson aka Just Jade Blog and Kealin Brandt aka Moonprincesskeeki nominated me to do the 20 Things About Myself so here I go…


1. I’m a tomboy by heart.

2. Developer by Day – Blogger by Night.

3. When asked to select my race I make my own selection called “Human”.

4. I have a daughter. Her name is Mila Thandi.

5. I’m married to my soulmate, Camilo.

6. I am a creative by nature but coder by nurture.

7. Make-up is my vice.

8. Flats over heals yo!

9. I’m the type of person to realign the items on display in the isles. (Labels should always face front right?)

10. I work at the best digital agency in the country (possibly the world).

11. I secretly hope to be a photographer. (well, it’s not a secret anymore O_o)

12. Hope to travel abroad someday and renew my vows in Paris.

13. I believe in Karma.

14. Appreciation, Respect and Kindness is Key.

15. Helping others fulfills my soul.

16. I love empowering and encouraging others. There is enough success in the world for us all to have a piece!

17. oh-em-gee, I hate brushing my hair!

18. I make sure my nails are always neat and tidy.

19. I love Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture bags.

20. I’m totes weird but hey, what’s “normal” anyway?!

So now you know a little bit about me! I nominate Vicky Tertiens (Photographer)  Kelly Poole (Designer-Photographer) and Tarryn Josias (Blogger)


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