Mila Goes To Moyo

Sunday was such a wonderful day that we decided to take our little one to Eden on the Bay. Being one of our favourite places to venture to, we just knew she’d enjoy it too.

Before exploring the beach, we grabbed a quick bite at Moyo. We ordered the two starters you see below and as always, the food was amazing!

IMG_9683 IMG_9687 IMG_9680

MJ had a field day crawling on the deck and making friends with the lovely folk occupying the restaurant.


Mila’s trying to stand on her own so we’re seeing this a lot!


It was her first time at the beach and even though she didn’t get to go in the water, she had tons of fun roaming about on the grass.


You can just see the joy and freedom she experiences being outdoors with the ocean smell in the air and the wind in her hair.


I’ve recently discovered the great variety and quality that Pick ‘n Pay clothing has to offer. I bought Mila these cute print shorts and sparkle top for under R100.


I adore this photo of her. It’s whimsical and joyous and I’ve captioned it; “Throw your cares into the wind”


I pared it with a ruffle grey Keedo cardigan to keep with the beachy vibe she had going on.


Last but not least, this wonderful photo of Mila and her daddy. The love my husband has for our daughter makes me fall in love with him
every. single. day.


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