Blue Hue

The four letter word… starting with “S” and ending with “E”… is one that excites any woman… getting something fashionably delicious on SALE, for  half the price or less is what I like to call “an investment”.

In this look post I wear “Investment” items.


This shirt is from Mr Price and I got it on the sale rack for R79.99. Not bad right? I love the washed look and pared it with a cream skirt for an effortless yet stylish daytime look.


These gorgeous earrings are from Ruby. I won it in a blog competition hosted by SA Fashion Girl. From the moment I saw them on her I knew that they belonged to me.


Aaaaaah, these blue babies are from Legit. On sale (of course) for R90. Bargain shopping is the best right?! This studded back is from Rampage in NYC. Been a loving, high quality companion for about 3 years now and has never let me down.


The look is one of my favourites and has a bad-ass edge to it.


My fringe is in this annoying in-between state right now so I made  a deep path and swept the whole thing to the one side of my large forehead. Yes, I have a big forehead and a gap between my teeth, I’m not perfect but hey, I OWN IT!


This double infinity ring is from Lovisa. I was able to choose 8 rings for the price of R100 during one of their sales.


This gorgeous piece of jewelry is from Ruby as well. I love the colour and it really ties my accessories together.


I hope you enjoyed this post!

Skirt and Shirt – Mr Price / Shoes – Legit / Necklace and Earrings – Ruby / Ring – Lovisa / Bag – Rampage

Photo credit: Core Beauty Blogsite

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It’s no secret that I love competitions and it’s even less of a secret that I love to win.


My competitive nature drives me to succeed and come out tops in every aspect of my life.


Life goals = Best Wife. Best Mom. Best at what I do. Best version of ME!


Sooooooo……. A while ago I entered a competition that SA Fashion Girl was running…surprise surprise…I won!


Due to the post office being on strike, I waited 2 months for it to finally arrive but it was well worth the wait.


Tune in tomorrow where I showcase these beauties in a Look Post.


Peace. Love. Happiness.

Earrings and Necklace from Ruby.

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Lady In Red

So it’s no secret that I love skirts… the bigger the better…and my obsession with Tulle skirts is one that won’t end any time soon.


Once again I enlisted the skills of my neighbour Janet to craft this gorgeous red skirt for me to wear to party it up at the Loeries with my colleagues.

I love the colour and what’s different about this skirt compared to the white one she made me was that she attached a shiny lining to the skirt which really gave it that ‘glitz and glam’ feel to it.


I pared it with a black top, leather jacket and my trusty shoes from YDE (these are about 4 years old).



Jacket – Identity / Top – Edgards / Tulle Skirt – Designs by Janet / Jewellery – Colette by Colette Hayman / Shoes – YDE

Photo credit: ThingsBarriesWears

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