Cotton Candy

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I had to pop into the mall to get Mila some milk (Hipp Organic Formula) and figured, hey, let me see what my latest kids fashion store has to offer.

I think the reason why I’m so chuffed with Pick ‘n Pay clothing is that they cater to moms, like myself, who love dressing my kid in solids.


Black, white and grey are my favourites and I’ll throw on a denim jacket, blazer, cardigan or button up jersey to tie the look together.


Previously I posted her in aztec printed shorties and today I went and got her these cute white ones. At R29.99 they were a steal and just had to get her a black pair as well as grey & white and black & white vests. (summer’s a comin’ baby!)

IMG_0134 IMG_0132

This t-shirt is the pink version of the grey tee in post before wear she wore her Tic Tac Toe shoes and Boyfriend Jeans.


These cute shoes are from Edgars and the denim jacket I bought when she was 3 months old on sale at Ackermans for R15!


I’m not a fan of character clothing. It’s a personal decision to not dress her in it and even though the ensembles I’m putting her in lately are SUPER AFFORDABLE, I don’t mind splurging when it comes to my daughter.

Hope you enjoyed the post; here’s another funny face from Mila!



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