Green and Gold

I’m a mom on the go. A mover and shaker. I dress for comfort, that to me is key. When it comes to fashion I believe in K.I.S.S; Keep It Simple Sexy!


You don’t need tons of make-up, excessive arm candy (these could get stuck in your clothes, hair, scratch your baby or even YOUR CAR!) or heels so high and uncomfortable that you lose all sensation in your toes by lunch.


I decided that a new season calls for a new dress. When you get paid your bank card is made of itching powder and the only way to make the itch stop is to swipe to your hearts content. NO, STOP THAT! I pranced into a Chinese shop while waiting on the banks to open and came across this gorgeous green dress. I love the length even though shorter options are available.


I pared it with some arm and finger candy from Forever 21. Now when one hears this name you think of all the beautiful clothing and how expensive it must be to shop there. Well let me tell you, the bracelet was R99 but the finger bling was R39! After my first visit and seeing the variety of accessories on display and the affordability of their items I’m sure to make it my one stop shop. I got so caught up in the jewels that I never ventured past the isle of glits and glam.


These shoes are favourites of mine, easy, accessible, comfortable and fun.


So, let’s tally up, these sandals were R60, the dress was R140 and the jewelry was R140.


I don’t think that’s bad at all. Swap the flats for heels and you’re ready to go from day to night. A slick back pony or high bun with some liquid liner to finish the look.


How cute is my kitty kat alice-band? Yes, I still say Alice Band lol!

Alice Band – JayJays / Shoes – Mr Price / Dress – Chinese Shop / Arm and Finger Candy – Forever 21

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