Happy Halloween

Hey guys and gals, last week Friday I celebrated Halloween. Now I know what you’re thinking “we don’t celebrate that holiday” or “It’s not part of South African tradition/heritage/etc” or “It’s an American holiday, you’re not American”…


Yeah Yeah, I’ve heard it all before but just like everything in life, we’re all different and the celebration of a holiday, South African or not, shouldn’t discourage anyone from experiencing the occasion. We are in fact, a very diverse nation and something as silly and fun as Halloween (much like guy fawkes) CAN be celebrated and bring enjoyment to all.

IMG_1472 IMG_1471

So, time to see what I dressed up as…


This year I decided to go as the nun in the opening scenes of the American Horror Story Asylum. I must say, it was a very simple costume and since I didn’t have drapey white clothing, I used our white bedding.

Paint for my face cost R22 and I used my fantastic liquid liner from Smudge to create the black tears you see below.


I love Halloween and those who listen to KFM would have heard me on the Radio.

On my way into work Ryan mentioned that if you had a costume that you could come down to the studio and show them. I actually had no idea that there were tickets to be won or that any type of competition was running for scariest or most creative costume.


When I got to the studios the staff immediately look me upstairs to meet the KFM breakfast crew and they were very impressed by my costume. I make it a point to be scary and creative. This is the 3rd year in a row that I celebrate Halloween. Not even being 7months pregnant stopped me from being creepy! Oh and did I mention, I managed to snag 2 Kings of Chaos tickets, whoo-hoo!

These are the photos of those who joined in on the festivities at work.

IMG_1466 IMG_1467

I hope you enjoy these photos and thank you for reading this halloween post! Here’s to many more halloweens, bwahahahahahahaha!


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