Hey Gorgeous

Finally I get to post this and I’ve been waiting ever since I’ve received these products to do a full on review about them from “First Glance” to “Finished Product”.


Before I get into what I heart about hey gorgeous products let me start off saying that people think I’m a tad cray-cray for purchasing these products for my daughter. I love how these items smell and they are safe to use on babies skin and Hey Gorgeous has a variety of products to use from babies, pregnant moms, men to women as well as gift cards available from their online store.


I chose this marshmallow whipped mouse that smells like strawberry sherbet and left Mila’s skin super soft and supple (as nature intended). The other item was the vanilla body scrub bliss which left the bathroom smelling like vanilla cupcakes and dreams! I generally used this on my skin but enjoyed applying this sugary sweet scrub on my little angels back, arms and legs when we have “Mommy and Mila” bath-time on a Saturday morning.


The whipped mouse lasted 2months (used daily on Mila from face-to-foot) and I still have about 3 wooden spoon-fulls of the scurb in the jar.

I was and and still am super chuffed with these products and as an organic mommy, I love that I can use these products on my daughter as well.


I purchased these items on the Hey Gorgeous online store and received next-day-delivery which always rubs me up the right way when it comes to online shopping.

IMG_1625IMG_1624  IMG_1617

I’ll be reviewing more safe to use, family friendly, all natural products in the future so make sure you’re subscribed and don’t miss out.

Be sure to check out the Hey Gorgeous Skincare website here.


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