Drive Dry


Safety is a huge concern to me when it comes to being on the road. Being responsible is of utmost importance. I always put my phone on silent when driving, to not get distracted by a phonecall, whatsapp message (because who even sends sms’s anymore right?) or instagram notification, cause you know I’m all about that hashtag boo. Of course, it goes without saying, that I don’t drink and drive and for all those sarcasmos out there, I don’t drive after I’ve had a drink either (even one is one too many). It’s just irresponsible and quite frankly, selfish! You are not only being reckless with your life but with hundreds others on the road at the same time as you.

I’m a huge supporter of Driving Dry and right now, Drive Dry have aired a radio drama which follows the lives of three friends who all exceeded the legal drinking limit after a night of club-hopping, resulting in seriously injuring a pedestrian.

Tune in to your favourite radio station to find out how their decision turns their world upside down so catch Aziwe ke every week on Jozi FM, Lesedi FM, Thobela FM, Ukhozi FM, or Umhlobo Wenene FM.


Stand a chance to win prizes by answering the weekly question on the Drive Dry website.

What are you waiting for, click here and listen to the story unfold.


Connect with Drive Dry on social media by following them on twitter and facebook and be sure to check out the awesome Press Release if you want to know more about this campaign.

Have an awesome Friday everybody and remember to please Drive Dry.

Be dry. Stay dry. Drive Dry.

{This post was not sponsored by Drive Dry and all images sourced from the Drive Dry Website}


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