Black To Basics

Apart from my faux leather clutch last year I featured on my blog, many of you don’t know that I am actually a DIY girl at heart. Growing up “editing” my existing garments and putting a fresh face forward with them from turning jeans into skirts, adding lace detail to them and of course, MEGA RIPPED JEANS!

I’ve always believed that every now and then you need to reinvent yourself and I’m testament to that. From blue to turquoise to pink and purple hair, a tattoo and now sewing garments too. I’m all about that next level shit boo!


YOU are the only person who can hold YOU back, so let go, be free and do what you heart desires. Make your dreams a reality and what better time than now!


Also, you know that I’m all about affordable buying. I have a 1 year old and shit is expensive so don’t expect to see me in Errol Arendz anytime soon m-kaaaaay?

This rasor back I picked up at access park at the Nike outlet store for R69. Hello bargain shopping!

These shoes I bought off of Spree for R95 during their 75% off sale.

This trusty Blackcherry Bag was gifted to me by my hubby and I just love how transformational this bag is. It’s so spacious on the inside that it doubles as a diaper bag when we’re out at restaurants, ssssssh!

The skirt I made myself. Yes, you heard me right, MYSELF. It’s pretty simple to do to be honest, all you need to know is the basics behind sewing, how to sew straight and which stitch and needle to use when sewing stretch fabric.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll be bringing you more DIY’s in the future.



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