5 Minutes with Catrice

Good morning my lovelies! I’ve partnered up with Catrice Cosmetics to bring you this lovely hamper of goodies. This competition is open to SA residents and to both sexes. So if you want to win your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, best-friend or even for yourself then listen up…

I need you to give me your 5 minute face. I need your basic go-to routine for that woman or man on the go. You don’t have to use Catrice products but it would be great if you did. The person with the best 5 minute face will walk away with this Catrice makeup hamper and a little extra by Painting In Pink.

This is my 5 minute face using catrice primer, mouse foundation, matt bronzer, eye-shadow, stila mascara and rimmel lip stain.


So what are you waiting for? Get your 5 minute face on with Painting In Pink and Catrice. Take a look at everything you could win, eeeeek!!!


Click the link below and I look forward to seeing your 5 minute faces everybody!!!!
5 Minutes with Catrice

I totally understand if you’re too shy to apply so you can also enter by hashtagging “I want to win with PIP and Catrice SA #PIPxCatriceSA” and Instagram/Tweet or Facebook Share the image found on my facebook fanpage here.

Terms and Conditions:
The competition will run from 15 April 2015 to 30 April 2015.
Open to South African residents only.
Entrants may enter as many times as they wish.
Winner will be determined by the judges and the judges’ decision is final.


Sam and Seb

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a look from my little cutie and my current way of dressing her.

As you know, I’m all about unisex and monochrome. I don’t mind spending a little extra on items I find to be transitional and I don’t treat pieces for her any less different than the pieces I choose for myself. Just because she grows out of her clothes fast does not mean I need to skimp.

Knowing what items will “grow” with your child is what will determine the amount you’re willing to spend on him or her. Personally, everything in cotton on is worth spending a little extra on.

Mila went to the aquarium for the first time and on our way out I decided to go to the Watershed and picked up this amazing jumper by Sam & Seb for her which I paired with these Walkmates Leather Chelsea Boots from Woolworths.

Cookie has been kinda obsessed with bags and boots lately so picked this up at cotton on kids. Duh I had to get her this one because it’s white with black polka-dots and glitter, yes, GLITTER!!!!

Nothing exhausts me more than running after this little miss but nothing and I mean nothing gives me more joy than being her mom.
I look at her face makes my heart grows 3 times bigger. I might not always look all-together or feel all-together but my little angel keeps me all together.
Thank you for popping in and have a great week!
Reach for the stars… Never give up!

Sam and Seb – R180 | Walkmates Boots – R380 | Cotton on Bag – R90 | Edgars Blazer – from when she was 3 months so i’ll consider it vintage



Welcomed by lovely ladies in mono, a gorgeous pink carpet, accented by red velvet rope and gorgeous golden balloons. 4th Street Wine greeted my provocalyps and introduced me with a night of fun with Bronx.

I wore an oldie but a goodie, this Tulle skirt made by my neighbour Janet who often used to sew for me before I started making my own garments. The top is by Vida at YDE and the shoes by Bronx of course! Can I just add that these shoes just gave me life! Not only did Tracey and I match which was pretty darn awesome but I stood on them all night and my feet were not aching. Comfortable, affordable and stylish, something every Bronx woman looks for in a pair of shoes.


After taking my photo at the Bronx branded wall by the dedicated photographer I spotted the lovely Miss Tracey Lange. I have this standing hashtag called #OMGitsTraceyLange2015 which you can view on twitter at any time and you’ll be able to see each and every occasion I’ve spotted her and taken a photo with her. A little cray some might say but i think it’s awesome. After spotting her on the street and the incredible smile she flashed me along with a genuine look of surprise that someone was THAT EXCITED to have seen her strut the streets of Cape Town we engaged in a lengthy twittersation (twitter conversation) and the deduction I have is that she is as sweet as that big gorgeous smile of hers. We honestly have the coolest celebs here in Cape Town!


Once I got over the gab and photo session with Tracey I entered the main area where bloggers and media folk galore gathered and I must say, I was so happy to see all these familiar faces. Now those of you who haven’t been to an event like this might find it overwhelming and it might come off as cliquey but it’s not in the slightest. bloggers and media folk are so engrossed in what ventures we are currently indulging in so when you’re asked to go to an event just go up to the person you’d like to meet, introduce yourself to or snap a photo with and you’ll see that we are all keen for a meet and greet and of course a selfie.


Candy floss, mini meringues and popcorn made the rounds and even though I didn’t partake in the treats provided I did enjoy the dust of gold, pop of pink and chevron covered packets they were presented in.

Thank you for a great event Bronx and thank you to Rampage Blog, Nachi, Channi Chic, Be Fab Be You, Fashionista CT, FashionLiezta, my dearest Matthew who just gives me life and of course my hubby Cam for taking the photos.

Enjoy the snaps and see you all at the next one!

Thank you to the wonderful people at The Son for this photograph.


Big thanks to Bronx and Girl About Town PR for this incredible event!