Sam and Seb

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a look from my little cutie and my current way of dressing her.

As you know, I’m all about unisex and monochrome. I don’t mind spending a little extra on items I find to be transitional and I don’t treat pieces for her any less different than the pieces I choose for myself. Just because she grows out of her clothes fast does not mean I need to skimp.

Knowing what items will “grow” with your child is what will determine the amount you’re willing to spend on him or her. Personally, everything in cotton on is worth spending a little extra on.

Mila went to the aquarium for the first time and on our way out I decided to go to the Watershed and picked up this amazing jumper by Sam & Seb for her which I paired with these Walkmates Leather Chelsea Boots from Woolworths.

Cookie has been kinda obsessed with bags and boots lately so picked this up at cotton on kids. Duh I had to get her this one because it’s white with black polka-dots and glitter, yes, GLITTER!!!!

Nothing exhausts me more than running after this little miss but nothing and I mean nothing gives me more joy than being her mom.
I look at her face makes my heart grows 3 times bigger. I might not always look all-together or feel all-together but my little angel keeps me all together.
Thank you for popping in and have a great week!
Reach for the stars… Never give up!

Sam and Seb – R180 | Walkmates Boots – R380 | Cotton on Bag – R90 | Edgars Blazer – from when she was 3 months so i’ll consider it vintage


5 thoughts on “Sam and Seb

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Sharna-Lee! I often dress my daughter up in unisex clothing and up until Jan/Feb, she was constantly referred to as “He” by the general public on our daily missions. Now embracing her femininity I feel it’s fitting to dress her in an according way 🙂

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