Chit Chat

Hey everybody, today I just want to chit chat a bit about what’s on my mind and why not capture something that shows my flaws but doesn’t make me ashamed of them.

I knew I wanted this look photographed because I feel good in it. To be honest, I’ve been loving boots, leggings and kimonos lately.

You see my photos and at times I look confident, free and fierce but to be honest, I used to be afraid of wearing certain things because of my insecurities. Ever since becoming a mom, this vessel you see has changed in a major way. I feel like nothing is the same anymore.

My body isn’t perfect and I’m not going to lie and say that I’m happy with everything I see but I’m also not going to say that I utterly hate it.

I’m a woman. I have curves. I have scars. I have life written all over my body and I have the victories I’ve claimed sealing them in.

From the tiger stripes etched across my stomach to the cellulite that’s claimed land on my thighs, this is me, this is what I look like and this is who I am.


Kimono by Cotton On / Leggings by Edgars / Boots by Bronx /  Bag by Blackcherry Bags / Hat and Shades by Zuri

Photos by Brendan Arries


11 thoughts on “Chit Chat

  1. Good post. Love seeing how much confidence you have. Wish I was the same. At the moment I’m in that ‘I hate everything’ about my body phase.
    Love reading your posts.

    1. I force myself to be confident in hopes that someone can look at me and think “if she can then so can I”.

      I’ve disliked parts of my body, we all do, but it’s good to focus on what we love and be okay with what we don’t.

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