3 Strikes


Welcome back beautiful people!

Before we go any further, let me just take a moment to mention that I’ve been a follower of Tegan’s work for a good 2+ years now and I’ve always admired her vision/execution from a distance. Finally, I took the plunge and booked a blogger lookpost with her and I’m thrilled with the result. If I can give you some advice, from one blogger to another, BOOK WITH HER NOW!

Moving on… To be honest, I was quite anxious (but equally excited) for the shoot, so much so that I spent the night sewing well into the early hours of my shoot day to calm my nerves instead of get some beauty rest. Thank goodness to Megan of Femanique who managed to cover up whatever baggage was visible by daylight and ensured that my face was picture perfect for the what the day had in store.

Onto the look ->


#Yaaaaaaz honey!

As you all know I’m pretty honest and upfront about my style; how I choose to dress and my reason behind it. This look is right on the money as far as representing my weekend-wardrobe-vibe. I have a VERY ACTIVE 1 year old which means running after her is a reality and I cannot do that in heels… not that I’m complaining as the love for sensible shoes are so real you guys!


There is nothing quite as comfortable as leggings so don’t even try to deny. It’s winter here in Cape Town, which means warming up in a crew-neck and putting on some sneaks just screams comfort and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be embraced especially since you know I’m a huge fan of street style and the whole “sneakers-with-everything” movement.

I hope you like this Adidas Styled look post and appreciate the brilliant photography. Honestly, these images just give me the feels!


Crew Neck by Adidas / Leggings by Edgars / Bag by Adidas / Shoes by Adidas / Fat Fingers are Genetic

Photography by Tegan Smith
Special thanks to Adidas for the Shoes, Bag and Crew Neck.


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