I am not my hair

I’ve had a burning desire to shave my head since I was 17 and I feel I’m finally ready to take the plunge and shave it. Maybe one day I will do a complete shave but for now, the sides will do.


I was born into a culture where the strand of hair is what makes you beautiful. My mother never wanted me to cut my hair short when I was younger but she never placed importance for my hair to be any particular “style”. I am however blessed to have a fuss free strand which I feel has made me more tolerant of the bad hair day vibes and walk around with a general “who the heck cares” when it comes to hair.

Those who have been following my hair transition have noticed me go from turquoise to blue to purple to pink and it’s been the most fun and liberating experience of my life.


Today I took it a step further; I shaved the sides of my hair. Thank you to Wade & Co. Salon for hooking me up with the most dope hairdo one could ask for. I am beyond pleased with the result, it’s exactly what I wanted and really look forward to someday being fully liberated from the shackles that is my hair follicle.

So here I stand… Not only have I experienced freedom through having shorter hair but I’m blonde baby!!!

I’ve changed up my locks using the Renew hair color sent to me by Sue Levy of Just Pursue It. I’ve followed her blog for a very long time and always enjoyed the positive content and powerful messages she puts out there for all men and especially us women to enjoy. Values, principals and food for thought is what keeps me coming back to this lovely ladies blog.

if you’re wondering which colour I went with; it’s the colour 10.0 in Light Blonde.

Now I must start off by saying that the safety precautions warned me against colouring my hair with the product if I had coloured my hair within the last two months. Those who follow my hair journey know that I’m no stranger to change so although a tad bit concerned about going bald, I decided to risk it and go forward with colouring my hair with the at home kit.


You should know that even though the box says leave for 25-4 5minutes, I only kept it on for 20minutes and I focused on the roots as my tips are pretty light as is considering they’re blonde-ish beneath the purple tresses. I rinsed it and breathed a sigh of relief when no strands of hair were leaving my scalp and landing on the enamel surface of doom, aka the bath!

The thing I loved the most about the entire process was the conditioner! Oh my gosh, finally, someone gives us a conditioner that really can last up to 3 washes, thank you VERY MUCH. Not only was there more than enough in the nifty tube but it smelled like sweets, yummy! My excitement about this conditioner is on another level so let me just stop here before I ramble on and on about how amazing it is. Go on and buy yourself some colour and smell it for yourself.

I’m really satisfied with the condition it left my hair in. It’s not straw-like or dry, not brittle, no breakage, hair loss or sore scalp from the colour process. All in all I give this a 10. Full coverage and it really did take me from brunette to blonde in 1 go so I highly recommend this for those who are looking to go lighter without the bleaching. The proof is in the photos hunny, just see how great my hair looks!

So what do you think?! I’ve been wanting to go back to blonde for a while now then Kim Kardashian totally killed my vibe by doing it first but hey, the more the merrier and trust me ladies, blondes really do have more fun!


I am not my hair, I’m not this skin, I’m not your expectation no.
I am the soul that lives within!

Thank you for turning into Painting In Pink and hope you have an awesome week xoxo