Don’t you just love Autumn? I know I do. There’s just something magical about crisp mornings and fall skies…

Few weeks ago I met up with Tegan Smith and she shot this look I put together at the iconic Sea Point Promenade. This is my general day-to-day look, and not only is it transitional, affordable and stylish but it makes me feel confident and at the end of the day isn’t that what fashion is supposed to do?

I’ve been living for Kimonos ever since I picked up this blue beauty at Cotton On during their insane sale for R100. The enjoyment of a versatile clothing item is really unmatched by it’s price in my opinion. Regardless of the rand value, the quality is really great and snagging this puppy when it was marked down from R350 allowed me to purchase 2. (I would have gotten more but I didn’t want to go cray)


Can we please just have a moment for these boots?! Each time they’re strapped on my feet I’m showered with compliments and what girl doesn’t love that!

I was lucky enough to be part of a group of bloggers who received uber chic boots from Footgear and I must say, they are my favourite in my cupboard right now. I have to actively stop myself from wearing them on the DAILY but thank goodness Footgear has amazing in store specials running where you can get 2 viva shoes for R500!


These fat fingers I can thank my momma for but I can thank her for my cute toes too so I aint mad.


The obsession with this bag is real you guys! It goes perfectly with so many of my OOTD’s but I’ve decided to not neglect my other companions and will be featuring a newbie in an upcoming post.

Photography by Tegan Smith

Kimono – Cotton On / Vest – Mr Price / Leggings – Jet / Boots – Viva / Bag – Blackcherry Bags / Bracelet – Gifted by Mom / Headband – Lovisa


PIP Turns 1


1 year ago I started Painting In Pink and it’s grown into something I could have never imagined. So many doors have been opened and the relationships I’ve managed to acquire over this time has been life changing.

Working with brands I’ve been loyal to for years and working with photographers I’ve looked up to for inspiration have probably been the highlight.

I have to say a big thank you to Talya Goldberg, Amy Scheepers and Aqeelah Harron for their monumental guidance in relation to blogging, personal brand building and online exposure.


What I’ve learnt…
Many people want to be a blogger but don’t realize just how hard it is.
Blogging requires dedication, sacrifice and endless hours prep.
Many times, your hard work goes unnoticed but never stop, bloggers never quit!

The best moments…
The first time someone subscribed to my blog I stalked them so hard and I’ve always loved seeing her name when she’s liked or commented on a post. #Loyalty
The first time wordpress notified me that my “stats are booming!”. I was like “Hold up, wait a minute!” and then did a little dance. #Appreciation
The day a Jess Van Wyk told me she was stalking my blog. Little known fact:I used to HATE my Freckles till I started following Jess online. I saw how gorgeous hers are and how she embodies them and since then I’ve absolutely adored mine! #FreckleFriends

Finally, to all of you… Thank you for all your support. I appreciate each and every one of you who have liked, subscribed, followed on social media and appreciated my online voice; it really means so much to me.

To celebrate my journey I’ve done a shoot with Tegan Smith so enjoy what we’ve created and thank you!




Earrings – YDE / Clutch Purse – DIY / Shirt – Mr Price / Tulle Skirt – DIY / Boots – Bronx Women

Winter Warmer


I love this transition period where Winter is creeping in but Autumn/Fall is still around.

I mentioned on my instagram the other day the importance of purchasing quality pieces over quantity.

Take what I’m wearing for example. Jewelry styles come and go and these earrings were super inexpensive and bought from Lovisa (my go-to store for arm, ear and head candy) making it easier to part with once they’re “out of style”.

The boots have got to be my all-time must have item in this look, apart from my Blackcherry Bag which never leaves my side. There is nothing as timeless as a pair of cowboy boots and these ones from Bronx can be worn in many different ways which you’ll see on the blog later this month.


Now let’s get to the main item of attraction, this super yummy and ultra cozy sleeveless cardi from cotton on. These were all the rage last year and I waited for it to go on sale and snagged it for R100. There is nothing wrong with being patient and waiting for that begotten item to be within your price range, investment pieces don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, I learnt this from one of my most influential bloggers, Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller.

One thing I’ve learnt over the past year or two is to shop smart! This dress was pretty inexpensive as well. Purchased on the Zando sale. Did you know, using my sign up discount, I managed to grab this t-shirt dress for R45 (that’s with delivery fee included)! #Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Honey!


So what have we learnt?

Purchase items that are interchangeable.
Purchase items that can be worn in 2 or more seasons.
Purchase items that are of good quality.
Purchase items in a smart way. Quality does not always been expensive but always choose it over quantity!

Cardigan by Cotton On / T-shirt dress by Zando / Boots by Bronx / Bag by Blackcherry Bags / Earrings by Lovisa / Watch by Michael Kors