Winter Warmer


I love this transition period where Winter is creeping in but Autumn/Fall is still around.

I mentioned on my instagram the other day the importance of purchasing quality pieces over quantity.

Take what I’m wearing for example. Jewelry styles come and go and these earrings were super inexpensive and bought from Lovisa (my go-to store for arm, ear and head candy) making it easier to part with once they’re “out of style”.

The boots have got to be my all-time must have item in this look, apart from my Blackcherry Bag which never leaves my side. There is nothing as timeless as a pair of cowboy boots and these ones from Bronx can be worn in many different ways which you’ll see on the blog later this month.


Now let’s get to the main item of attraction, this super yummy and ultra cozy sleeveless cardi from cotton on. These were all the rage last year and I waited for it to go on sale and snagged it for R100. There is nothing wrong with being patient and waiting for that begotten item to be within your price range, investment pieces don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, I learnt this from one of my most influential bloggers, Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller.

One thing I’ve learnt over the past year or two is to shop smart! This dress was pretty inexpensive as well. Purchased on the Zando sale. Did you know, using my sign up discount, I managed to grab this t-shirt dress for R45 (that’s with delivery fee included)! #Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Honey!


So what have we learnt?

Purchase items that are interchangeable.
Purchase items that can be worn in 2 or more seasons.
Purchase items that are of good quality.
Purchase items in a smart way. Quality does not always been expensive but always choose it over quantity!

Cardigan by Cotton On / T-shirt dress by Zando / Boots by Bronx / Bag by Blackcherry Bags / Earrings by Lovisa / Watch by Michael Kors


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